What we believe.

We strive to glorify God by seeking his wisdom to direct our lives and the life of St. Peter's Church and to reach out to those around us.  Through education and God's word, we aim to grow spiritually and to show compasion and love for peole from all walks of life.

Anglican Worship

We offer a broad range of worship services found within the Book of Common Prayer and those in other parts of the Anglican Communion.  


Our ministries are designed to demonstrate our love of Jesus Christ and we work to support the  spiritual and tangible needs of Brenham, Washington County and the world.  We strive to be aware of the community around us and its needs.


We continue to grow with the community around us and to be open to change.  We are a strong  and diverse multi-generational congregation.


We demonstrate our faith through our actions every day.


We work to strengthen fellowship and improve care-giving efforts to create a supportive church family.  We gather together to strengthen our bonds and nourish our spiritual needs.


We strive to demonstrate hospitality, love and acceptance of all of God's people.