What to Expect

St. Peter's Service Times:

Sunday 8:00 - 9:00 am and 10:30 - 11:45 am

Sunday School 9:15 - 10:15 - First and Third Sundays

Nursery available for 10:30 service

One of the great aspects of Texas in general is the enormous variety of peoples and cultures to be found. This is reflected, not only in the membership of our Episcopal churches, but in the richly diverse ways in which our members worship each Sunday and on special occasions throughout the year.

Clothes.  Much has been said about what to wear to church.  At St. Peter's we say, "clothes".  Many people feel more comfortable "fitting in" so this is an important question to be aware.  At St. Peter's you will find a relaxed atmosphere of folks dressed from blue jeans to dress and coat and tie, casual to semi-formal.  Come as you are.


At the heart of all Episcopal worship is the Book of Common Prayer, and within it, the principal weekly service is the Holy Eucharist—also known as Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper or Mass.


For each Christian season, the Book of Common Prayer lays out the form of the service  and provides the text for many of the prayers. A calendar of Scripture readings, called the “Lectionary,” indicates biblical passages to be read each day. These are the same throughout the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, so any given day, someone around the clock and around the globe will be reading the same Scripture. Typical services include scripture readings, prayers, hymns and a sermon. The congregation participates in worship—singing hymns and saying the prayers, the Creed (a statement of our beliefs), responding and reading or singing the Psalms (sacred poems). 


Whether to kneel, sit or stand, say "Amen," sing or respond can be a bit of a puzzle for newcomers (and often for Episcopalians visiting a different church). But because the essential form of the service remains the same from one Sunday to the next, one soon will begin to experience what Episcopalians find so satisfying: the mental space that the familiar rhythm opens up in which each person can commune more profoundly with God.


Even within a congregation, worship services can be offered in a range of styles from contemporary to more traditional. Come join us, won’t you?

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