Welcome to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

At St. Peter’s we live out our Christian faith through Sharing the love of Jesus; Caring for all.


Our WORSHIP is a distinct part of our Anglican and Episcopal heritage[1].  As Episcopalians we celebrate the presence of God through the reading of Holy Scripture[2] and the receiving of Holy Communion[3] every week.                             We believe that praying with one another is a reflection of how the early Christians lived out their faith.  The beauty and order of worship is important to us and we hope that you too will know God in our worship.

Whaley Profile 2.jpg
The rev. Stephen F. Whaley, Rector
Courtesy of Keith Hall

After Sunday services and on many other occasions we celebrate our FELLOWSHIP together.  Catching up each week over coffee or participating in any one of our weekday breakfast or lunch gatherings helps us to build lifelong friendships and mutual support. It also reflects the teaching of the apostles who gathered for prayer and fellowship.


OUTREACH is what many Christians share in common.  Our desire to help others-in-need reflects the mission that Jesus Christ came into the world to help all people be reconciled with God.  Whether providing meals for hungry families, school supplies for children, or beautiful music and arts to put a smile on someone’s face our desire is to reflect the goodness of God to everyone around us.  At St. Peter’s you will find ways to contribute to the needs of others.


To become a disciple of God[4] we must have SPRITUAL GROWTH.  Spiritual growth means we are becoming more faithful and trusting of God in our lives.  It means that our lives increase in peace and trusting that God has provided all we need for our journey here on earth. In good times and bad times we seek to know God’s will for our lives and be guided by that.   Spiritual growth takes place through worship, fellowship, bible study, helping others.  Over time these things change us and help us reflect more clearly the love of God revealed through the life of Jesus.


We hope you will join us and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. 

Find a spiritual home and family with us at St. Peter’s.



[1] Anglican and Episcopal Heritage--The Episcopal Church in the United States is part of the international body of Churches called the Anglican Communion.  We share a common Christian heritage established through missionary work that spread during the English Empire.

[2] Holy Scripture--The Bible

[3] Holy Communion—is a meal of remembrance established by Jesus in which we are nurtured with his presence.  It include a small piece of wafer bread and a sip of wine. All Baptized persons are eligible to receive Holy Communion.

[4] Disciple—A follower of God and specifically a follower of the life of Jesus Christ.

[i] St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Brenham is the fourth oldest Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.  Established in 1848 St. Peter’s was named after the Apostle Peter, a devout and enthusiastic follower of Jesus. For over 170 years St. Peter’s continues to be a vital part of the Christian presence in the City of Brenham and Washington County.